Anyone can easily install The Gas Mojo™ -- the video below shows that no tools or mechanical or technical expertise is needed at all. The Gas Mojo™ attaches to the outside of the fuel line of your car or truck by simple, highly durable plastic zip ties (provided), and you are done in minutes! Don't be intimidated! Finding the 7" stretch of fuel line between your gas tank and the engine is very easy. It will look virtually the same on all vehicles. The video below shows how to install The Gas Mojo™ on a diesel vehicle where two Mojo's are required. On a standard car or truck, only one is needed (See photos below video)


Install on gas line going to engine after gas tank (Top line shown in picture below)

If there is a return line close to engine fuel line, as shown in picture below, place it so
it is touching that line, too. Then secure with ties provided,
1” inch from each end of The Gas Mojo™


Useful Tips Before Purchasing
Or Installing
The Gas Mojo™

1) Make sure your vehicles engine is in good running condition.

2) If you do only city driving keep track of how many gallons of fuel you normally use and the miles you drive. Do the same if you drive combined city / highway miles. Do not rely on average miles on your car computer. It may not always give accurate readings.

3) Before installation on vehicles with automatic transmission notice how smooth the vehicle shifts. Most cars and truck transmissions tend to have a surge hesitation before shifting into the next gear. After the installation of The Gas Mojo™ you will notice it shifts smoother into each gear and at lower RPM .This is one way to show The Gas Mojo™ is working.

4) Before installation take a reading of tachometer or RPM gauge when engine is warmed up with transmission in park position. If it reads 600 RPM or above you will see a drop in RPM after installing the unit and driving about 5 miles. This shows that the unit is working properly.

5) Most autos and trucks have rear brake lines and fuel lines running down the same side of the vehicle going toward the engine which may be confusing at first. If you are not sure which are brake lines and which are fuel lines go to the parts department of the local dealer. Ask for a print out of the fuel lines for your car or truck. This only takes a few minutes and will help prevent an improper installation which is the only way this device will not work.


(Note: The Gas Mojo™ is not recommended for hybrid vehicles)


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