The Gas Mojo™ Testimonials

Independent Test Submitted to Gas Mojo on 2 Company
Vans after 100 days of testing

Savings MPG

1999 Dodge Vans

3.3 Liter Engine







Cost Per Gallon

$ 3.39

$ 3.39

Savings / Tank

$ 15.93

$ 6.78

Miles Per Year



Yearly Savings

$ 3,300.00

$ 1,764.71

MOJO / Cost

$ 69.95

$ 69.95

On Investment

47 x cost

25 x cost


We installed The Gas Mojo™ on all three of our route trucks and the drivers
have noticed better fuel economy and better acceleration!

Dewi Roberts
EFR Fire And Safety Co Inc

"Ok, I am getting 50 miles more per tank full and the
shifting is so smooth I can hardly feel it!" - Mark, CA

- Mark, CA

We installed a Gas Mojo™ on our 2008 Hyundai V6, Veracruz minivan about a month ago. Not only have we had better acceleration, but we are amazed at our gas savings. Just after we installed The Gas Mojo™, we closed our summer cottage in Indiana . Our cottage is about 170 miles from our home, almost to the Ohio border line. We normally use 3⁄4 of a tank of gas or more each way- depending on traffic, wind, etc. On this trip with The Gas Mojo™ installed, we only used 1⁄4 of a tank of gas. Traffic was light and the back of the minivan was empty. On our return trip, another 170 miles, we only used 1⁄2 a tank of gas. The minivan was fully loaded in back, traffic was heavy, and a storm was blowing winds across the interstate. In all, round trip, we used a total of 3⁄4 of a tank of gas compared to the normal 11⁄2 to two tanks we would of have used without The Gas Mojo™ which was a savings of at least $70.00 for round trip. Thank you for this great invention! It is like building a savings account in a bank! I love my Gas Mojo™!!

Sincerely yours,
Catholine R

Before installing The Gas Mojo™ I filled up my work car every seven days.
Since installing the unit I now fill it every 10 days Thank You Gas Mojo™

Tina J

I am retiree with fixed income. I started notice improvements with the performance of my vehicle immediately. The first improvement was a smoother ride. My transmission was running more efficiently going into third gear used to shift at 40 mph and now it shifts at 35 mph. I also noticed that overdrive went in at 45 mph instead of 50 mph. My car is thirteen years old and now I have to keep my foot near the brake because all the extra power. Now my car is idling at 750- 500 rpm prior to The Gas Mojo™ it was idling at 1,000 rpm. I no longer need to purchase fuel additives. I have told all my friends and family about The Gas Mojo™ and they had great result with it as well.

Henrietta S, Florida

I was extremely skeptical of The Gas Mojo™, but became a believer after I put one on my moms car and saw the wonderful effects it had on a thirteen year old sedan. I then had to purchase one for myself and my husband. I do a lot of city driving and instantly felt a difference in performance, smoothness of acceleration, and less jerking steering on my sports utility vehicle. My husband does a lot of long distance driving and he ended up getting four more miles to the gallon with The Gas Mojo™.

Erica P, Texas

Andrew Saxton
Midwest super comp drag racer


I recommend The Gas Mojo™. My dragster is powered by The Gas Mojo™ along with my street car and I wouldn’t be without it.



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(Note: The Gas Mojo™ is not recommended for hybrid vehicles)

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