This isn't magic, despite the Mojo involved! This is
rock hard, solid science that is proven, repeatable and tested. The
Gas Mojo works on principles of chemistry & physics anyone can understand.


The Gas Mojo™ Is not a fuel additive... not a machine... not a filter... it's a technical marvel!

In cars and trucks, The Gas Mojo™ is affixed (using supplied zip ties) directly to any 7" stretch of the fuel line between the fuel tank and the engine.

A wave of energy is produced from The Gas Mojo™'s remarkable content, directly affecting the gasoline molecules. Fine particles of contaminants common in gasoline (including water) disperse and dislodge from gasoline and subsequently internal engine parts.

This process helps to burn more hydrocarbons in fuel which makes gasoline burn more efficiently. It does not change the basic gasoline formula and is completely safe for all types of gas engines.

Refineries today produce cleaner burning fuels but there are still contaminants in fuels from transport and storage. Water in fuel contains contaminants which damage fuel system components. Fungus and bacteria grow on hydrocarbons in fuel and spread easily into fuel systems. Black tar like substances can gum up valves, fuel filters, spark plugs and fuel injectors.

Most gasoline fuel filters are designed to remove large particles in fuel systems. Filtering smaller particles would clog the gas filter very quickly, shorten filter life and decrease engine performance. Specific gravity (density of fuel) has a large effect on fuel economy as well. Lower temperatures, water in gas and other contaminants raise specific gravity of gasoline.

Denser fuel gives you lower MPG. Waves generated by The Gas Mojo™ device break down particles in water and other contaminants in gasoline. This action helps to keep gasoline less dense or lighter, giving you better MPG especially at constant speeds. Everyone has experienced bad gas at the pump. This is usually caused by too much water from storage in underground tanks at the gas station. The Gas Mojo™ unit starts working as soon as you put it on the exterior of the fuel line, helping to break down deposits while conditioning fuel.

The Gas Mojo™ is not just a fuel saver, it's an Engine Conditioner! The life and performance of an engine depends on clean burning fuel and reduced deposits of contaminants. The Gas Mojo™ will extend the life of the engine in your car or truck over time by maintaining a consistently higher quality fuel throughout the combustion process.

Click Here to see a short video of how The Gas Mojo™ reduces water condensation in gasoline!

The Effect of The Gas Mojo™ On Water

In the photo above you can see the effect of The Gas Mojo™ on water.
Impurities and particulates have been clearly dissipated. The formula
in The Gas Mojo™ produces a harmless but effective force which causes
molecules to behave differently.

(Note: The Gas Mojo™ is not recommended for hybrid vehicles)


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